In today’s fast-paced business world, effective internal communications matter much more than we tend to think.

Sharing information and collaborating with colleagues is of vital importance to productivity and team work. Employees are more productive when they have access to information they need. This is where Intranet can help you and your employees with the necessary tools to move your company forward towards success. The Intranet acts as a single platform for all employees to interact with the company and each other. It acts as a home for employees – a controlled social media platform on an organizational level.

With Intranet, internal communication with departments and staff is made easier and more effective and it facilitates engagement, encouraging employees to interact with each other in a number of ways in a controlled, work-friendly manner.

Why Go EmpCom?


– Allows employees to approach and tackle issues proactively
– Enhances transparency and resolves misunderstandings


– Helps to manage schedules, meeting and upcoming events with ease
– Minimizes time wastage with streamlined communication methods


– Builds an effective team and helps to manage employees
– Facilitates smarter decision-making across all levels


– Distributes helpful and entertaining content within the organization
– Helps to plan and coordinate trips and functions within the organization


– Creates a safe and engaging environment that empowers employees and employers
– Better workplace culture and healthier workplace relationships


– Facilitates innovation and promotes company growth
– Offers a clear direction for each and everyone in the organization with increased accountability

EmpCom Features


As soon as the users login, they will be landing on the dashboard that features Latest News, Announcements, Events and Galleries, Calendars and Birthday / Work Anniversary Reminders, Thought of the Day and Message from Important Personnel. Empcom gives the clients a competitive edge in the market through relevant, engaging and personal communications among the staff that fuels team spirit and happy environment.

Dashboard & User Profile

Allow the users to create and edit their personal details and add activities.

Calendars and Birthday Reminders

Help the users to keep track of events, birthdays and work anniversaries.

Creating Events and Inviting

Allow the admins to create events, invite people, provide updates and organize activities.

How it could meet your requirements?

Epitom Trinergy works with companies of all sizes to design and deploy intranet solutions that produce tangible results. Our expert intranet developers build solutions that are customized to meet your user, business and IT needs, scalable to grow as your business grows, secure, ensuring that your information is protected and above all, effortlessly maintained. We ensure that the right intranet development solution will be delivered both quickly and cost-effectively to you, meeting your development goals and project deadlines.

Want to fuel your internal teams and take your business to greater heights?